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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any more questions, need technical advice, or wish to discuss any aspect of a particular order, we’re always happy to help. Please email us at

  • How should I prepare & send artwork?

    We like to make things as simple as possible, so if you're unsure as to how to use the templates, you can send us your image files and we can help with the rest.

    Jpg, png, tiff, pdf's are all fine - label them 'Front', 'Back', 'Centre label Side A', 'Centre label Side B' etc.

    Please try to ensure the resolution of the image is high enough, it is important that when it is scaled to the size of your sleeve it is still clear and isn't starting to blur or pixelate - just zoom in on your screen so the image is the size of your sleeve/label to get a rough idea of how it's going to look printed out.

    For those who are technically minded, the artwork specifications are as follows:

    – All dimensions should be correct as per the templates provided.

    – Please provide a clean version with no guides ready for printing, and ideally also a version displaying template guides.

    – All artwork should have a 3mm bleed on all sides, with text at least 3mm inside crop lines.

    – All non-vector artwork should be at least 300 dpi.

    – Embed all fonts or convert to outlines.

    – Artwork should be provided as press-ready PDFs.

    Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for print errors or delays in processing time where artwork has been supplied incorrectly. Having said that, we care about getting your creations right and will always try to get things looking good first time.

    In addition to the music files, all artwork should be bundled into a compressed Zip folder (this ensures we receive the data complete and intact), and sent to us at using one of the free online file transfer services (e.g. Make sure you quote your order name/email, and we’ll do the rest.

  • How should I prepare my music/mixes before uploading them?

    If you are sending standard audio downloads (e.g. professionally mastered music purchased from a music platform), files can be sent as they are, without further preparation or mixing. All usual audio file types are acceptable (e.g. WAV, AIFF, MP3, MPEG-4).

    For those submitting their own music mixes, we offer the following guidance. If possible, it is always preferable to fix such issues in the original mix.

    If you are submitting tracks intended to flow into one another without a gap, please ensure you let us know when sending the files.

    When submitting your master files we recommend the following:

    • ensure the source material is as good a quality as possible (preferably WAV/AIFF 24 bit 96 kHz, or a minimum of WAV/AIFF 16 bit 44.1 kHz, or mp3 with a bit rate above 192 Kbits)
    • look to keep the peaks on the main mix level to a maximum of -3dBfs;
    • please ensure bass frequencies (like kick drums) are placed centrally in the stereo field. Stereo effects in this frequency range can easily corrupt a record’s playback;
    • bass frequencies below 20 Hz provide playback issues and should be avoided;
    • finally, it is also best to avoid very high frequencies as these tend to have a harsh, distorting effect on the overall playback.
  • What about copyright?

    Due to copyright restrictions, it is important that no part of your submitted files contravenes any copyright laws.

    If you have already purchased the music (e.g. CD or iTunes) then you are permitted to reproduce a copy onto another format for strictly personal use (see guidance to UK copyright law here). Please note, having access to the music via a streaming service (e.g. Spotify) would not be sufficient to allow you to make a copy.

    Otherwise, if any content is not your own property, or it is not intended for your own personal use then you will need to ensure the recipient already owns a copy. In certain circumstances, One Cut Vinyl can also assist by obtaining the necessary licensing permission on your behalf for commercially available music. Please contact us at for further details and we'll be glad to help.

    If the content is fully owned by you, and you require multiple copies for commercial release, then your order can be processed immediately by accepting the interim Declaration for Release when you complete your order. For information, PRS guidelines stipulate you should also make an application for a ‘License of No Claim’.

  • What are the maximum playing times?

    12" (per side)
    33rpm: 20 Minutes
    45rpm: 11 Minutes

    10" (per side)
    33rpm: 15 Minutes
    45rpm: 8 Minutes

    7" (per side)
    33rpm: 7 Minutes*
    45rpm: 4 Minutes

    Please note, on occasions it may be possible to extend the playing times slightly beyond these limits depending on other factors. For more info, and a quote please contact us directly at

    *Due to the physical restraints of vinyl playback, 7" discs at 33rpm is not recommended as playback quality is sometimes compromised - however, we understand this can be a useful application in some circumstances so continue to provide this option.

  • What are the custom printed sleeves made from?

    We use specially combined high quality 300gsm card stock with 76 micron gloss laminate.

  • Does the audio material have to be mastered before cutting?

    Yes, this is necessary for effective vinyl playback and includes adjustments to volume, the stereo field, and the removal of non-recordable frequencies.

    In order to save time, and keep your costs down, our free standard mastering process makes the necessary adjustments in a 'one-take' process.

    With Enhanced Mastering, we can further augment this process by spending more time carefully applying a combination of professional grade outboard and digital processing equipment.

  • My audio files have already been mastered.

    If your files have already been specifically pre-mastered for vinyl, simply inform us that you do not require mastering with your upload message and we will bypass any further mastering. Please note, mastering for vinyl playback is different than for digital formats like CD, MP3 etc, but we are still happy to work with these as best we can.

  • How long will it take to process my order?

    Due to high demand, standard orders may take several weeks to process - please check the Price Calculator for more up to date information. Once complete it will then be dispatched by post/courier from the UK.

    When possible, we also offer a limited number of priority booking slots. We aim to process priority bookings as soon as possible, and then sent via post/courier from our UK base. Priority booking is not available for orders requiring Enhanced Mastering.

    Please note, we strive to meet these targets at all times, however, these timings are estimates. This service can be very busy and at times of exceptional demand there may be further delays in the processing time. In the case of any unreasonable delay we’ll email you with updates on progress and in the case of Priority Bookings, we’ll refund the Priority order booking charge.

    Please see our terms and conditions for further details.

  • Do you deliver outside of mainland UK?

    Yes, we post records all around the world every week. Simply complete the destination country via the Price Calculator and your quote will include the necessary shipping.

  • Is my online payment safe?

    Our payment gateway uses a third party provider certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification. No sensitive data passes through our servers ensuring security compliance to the highest level. One Cut Vinyl is SSL certificated, meaning you can feel confident that your card details and online payments are handled in the most secure environment available. Always look for the 'https' padlock sign to ensure you are browsing a safe website.

  • I’ve received my order but there’s a problem.

    We always try hard to ensure every aspect of your order goes to plan. However, in order to keep our costs to the customer as low as possible, we are unable to monitor and review 100% of every order. Due to the complex and delicate nautre of vinyl cutting a flawed cut can occasionally occur. We are pleased to say, this occurs in under 1% of our orders, however, in the unlikely event that something does go wrong with a single product, One Cut Vinyl offers options to either rectify the issue, or alternatively we will provide a full refund.

    Please note, we cannot offer replacement/refund for multiple orders where a prior consensus on the final product quality was not agreed by means of a one-off sample. For this reason, when ordering multiple copies we strongly advise you order one copy for test purposes first. This is the best way to ensure you are happy with the overall sound and look of the final physical product before committing to a larger order. Lathe cut vinyl can give great results but will never be perfect. This is especially important as we may be unable to replace/refund multiple products where a consensus on the finished product quality was not previously agreed (see T&Cs).

    If you are not completely satisfied with your product, contact us at within 3 working days of delivery for advice on how to return your order or (if possible) arrange an exchange. We may request items are returned in their original packaging within 14 working days of our return email to qualify for a refund or exchange.

    We cannot be held responsible for lost returns caused by your choice of carrier. We therefore recommend you send your goods back via a recorded, special or proof of delivery service.

    One Cut Vinyl’s money back guarantee does not affect and is in addition to your statutory rights and is subject to our terms and conditions.

  • What delivery options are there?

    UK mainland delivery is included with all orders.

    For delivery outside mainland UK, simply complete your order details via the Price Calculator and the quote will include the necessary shipping.

    Due to high demand, standard orders will usually be processed in about one month (see the Home page for up to date guidance), and then dispatched post/courier.

    When possible, we also offer a limited number of Priority booking slots. We aim to process Priority bookings as soon as possible (usually 1-3 working days), and then sent by post/courier.

    Please note, Priority booking is not available for orders requiring Enhanced Mastering.

    Please see our terms and conditions for further details.

  • What is the definition of a ‘separate’ track?

    For the purposes of the Price Calculator, a 'separate' track is every section of audio (e.g. a song) that requires a slightly wider or 'marker' groove on the vinyl disc as it begins a transition to the next section of audio. This is added in order to make it easier for listeners to cue up individual tracks as required. This is usually, but not necessarily, accompanied by a section of audio silence.

    If you do not require the wider cue grooves between tracks (e.g. a continuous mix), then you can class any such section as 1 track in the Price Calculator.

    By default, we will place a pause in the audio - typically this will be about 3 seconds between each track but the engineer may alter this slightly according to the flow of the musical transition. If you require different specific timings, we will do our best to accommodate this. Please complete a word/text document with any relevant details to include with your music/artwork compressed Zip file.

  • I haven’t received my order.

    When initially uploading your files, you should hear back in a few days to confirm we have received them and you will also be given an approximate timing indicating when your order should be ready to post.

    If you have not received notification of despatch by the timing indicated in your confirmation email then please contact us at and we'll get back to you with an update as soon as possible.

    If we have sent the email notification of despatch but you have not received your order after a week (UK), or a couple of weeks (non UK), then please contact us at In such cases, it is important you contact us at the earliest opportunity as failure to do so may negate any possible claim against the relevant courier's terms and conditions and it may not be possible to reimburse you.

  • How do you make your records?

    We use enhanced Vinylrecorder T560s, including 3.8kg steel platters run on Technics SP-10s, Apogee Symphony I/O, in addition to high quality analogue mastering outboard. We have applied relentless revision and attention to detail over several years to achieve good quality results.

    A diamond cutting stylus cuts the grooves into a high grade vinyl disc. You can see the machine being set up for a public event here:

    As each record is cut individually, each one is a truly unique limited edition. For this reason, we are ideal for all your one-off and short run vinyl record needs.

  • Are your records cut in stereo?


  • What’s your policy regarding my personal data?

    One Cut Vinyl is committed to protecting your privacy. We store the information that you have provided when completing an application form from our website to allow us to process your order. Such contact details and data may be used to contact you with any enquiries regarding this transaction. We will never sell, trade or rent your personal information to others. From time to time, we may contact you for promotional purposes relating to One Cut Vinyl.

    We regularly review our policy in regards to personal data collection and processing in order to remain compliant to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    We only hold client’s personal data for the primary purpose of our business, and any data processing is solely to carry out the primary purpose of our business, e.g. it is necessary to carry out the sales contract. As such, we use client’s data in ways they would reasonably expect and which have a minimal privacy impact, and to the benefit of the client.

    Personal data is held on accredited secure cloud-based servers, and not shared with third parties outside of our primary purpose (e.g. only Courier companies & Customs authorities as applicable for delivery purposes).

    By providing your personal data you have consented for this data to be used solely in our primary business purposes. Personal data is not passed onto any third parties (other than courier and/or Customs authorities or similar business activities concerning our primary purpose). Your personal data is not used in any automated decision making process.

    Right of access: you have the right to obtain 1) confirmation that we are processing your data; 2) access to your personal data; and 3) other supplementary information. We will provide this free of charge by means of email within 28 days from receiving the request. On occasions, we may charge a ‘reasonable fee’ when a request is deemed to be manifestly unfounded or excessive, particularly if it is repetitive and we have previously responded to the request.

    Right to rectify your data: We will rectify any inaccuracies or incomplete data on your request within 28 days.

    Right to erasure of data: Clients have the right to request erasure of personal data upon completion of the sales contract, we will respond to your request within 28 days.

  • What are OCV’s discs made from?

    Unlike traditional ‘dub-plates’ that are made with soft acetate, and will deteriorate significantly within a very short time, One Cut Vinyl only uses harder professional grade polycarbonate, (1.5mm or 2mm). This ensures that, like pressed vinyl, the final product is far more durable and retains its original playback quality over time.

  • How should I send my music files?

    Ideally, send us your digital audio files as WAV or AIFF (preferably 24bit 96kHz), but don’t up-sample if this is not possible as we can cut from any file quality or type.

    Bundle your files into a compressed Zip folder (along with any artwork if applicable), and send them to us at using one of the free online file transfer services (e.g., making sure to use the same email throughout the ordering process (or quote your name), and we’ll do the rest.

    For advice on how to prepare your music mixes see How should I prepare my mixes before uploading them?