Maximum Playing Times

In general, the more we squeeze on a record, the more the audio quality suffers. This is particularly so for 33 1/3rpm, e.g. it is best practice to have no more than 17-18 minutes per side on a 12" record. If this is not possible, try to sequence quieter songs towards the end of the side.

12″ (per side)
33rpm: 20 Minutes
45rpm: 11 Minutes

10″ (per side)
33rpm: 15 Minutes
45rpm: 8 Minutes

7″ (per side)
33rpm: 7 Minutes*
45rpm: 4 Minutes

Please note, on occasions it may be possible to extend the playing times slightly beyond these limits depending on other factors. However, please note that increased playing time increasingly compromises the overall quality. For more info, and a quote please contact us directly at

*Due to the physical restraints of vinyl playback, 7″ discs at 33rpm is not recommended as playback quality is usually compromised – however, we understand this can be a useful application in some circumstances so continue to provide this option.