Instructions after placing an order

– You’ll need to email your music files and artwork files (if applicable) to this email address –

– As the files are usually too big to send as an attachment, it’s easier to use one of the free file transfer websites (e.g.

– Please rename your audio files ‘A1’, ‘A2’, ‘A3’, and ‘B1’, ‘B2’, ‘B3’ etc (i.e. Side A, Side B, then Side C, D etc as appropriate for further non-identical records). It may also be useful to send a text note with anything else you’d like to say. IT IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT THAT IF YOU REQUIRE NON-IDENTICAL RECORDS (i.e. DIFFERENT TRACKS ON DIFFERENT RECORDS) YOU CLEARLY STATE WHICH TRACKS ARE TO GO ON WHICH DISC.

– If you have ordered printed parts (e.g. sleeve and/or centre labels) there are templates and further guidance here.

– Make sure we can match your files to your order, e.g. use the same email address and name throughout. Once received, we will confirm we have received your files and the expected processing time – as this is a manual process, it may take a few working days to confirm.

Please note, we try to get to your order as soon as possible but due to extremely high demand for this service this may take several weeks. Check out the website for more detail on processing times. You’ll be updated as soon as it’s on its way.

There is useful advice on how you should prepare mixes and artwork prior to sending on our FAQs.