Unlike traditional ‘dub-plates’ that are made with soft acetate, and will deteriorate significantly within a very short time, One Cut Vinyl’s cuts are made with a harder professional grade vinyl, as used by pressing plants, with a choice of standard 1.5mm or heavyweight 2mm thickness. This ensures that, just like pressed vinyl, the final product is far more durable and retains its original playback quality.


  • Place an order via the Price Calculator.
  • Send your files via one of the free online file transfer services, e.g., to quoting your order reference in the message field.
  • On receiving your files, we begin by mastering your audio specifically for vinyl playback (see Mastering).
  • Each record is then individually cut on a vinyl lathe in a process similar to cutting a traditional vinyl master lacquer.
  • The disc is then packaged in your choice of sleeve and dispatched by insured courier to your delivery address.