How should I prepare my mixes before uploading them?

We offer the following guidance prior to your files being submitted, as it is always preferable to fix such issues in the original mix.

When submitting your master files we recommend the following:

  • ensure the source material is as good a quality as possible (preferably WAV/AIFF 24 bit 96 kHz, or a minimum of WAV/AIFF 16 bit 44.1 kHz, or mp3 with a bit rate above 192 Kbits)
  • look to keep the peaks on the main mix level to a maximum of -3dBfs;
  • please ensure bass frequencies (like kick drums) are placed centrally in the stereo field. Stereo effects in this frequency range can easily corrupt a record’s playback;
  • bass frequencies below 20 Hz provide playback issues and should be avoided;
  • finally, it is also best to avoid very high frequencies as these tend to have a harsh, distorting effect on the overall playback.