What about copyright?

Due to copyright restrictions, it is important that no part of your submitted files contravenes any copyright laws.

If you have already purchased the music (e.g. CD or iTunes) then you are permitted to reproduce a copy onto another format for strictly personal use (see guidance to UK copyright law here). Please note, having access to the music via a streaming service (e.g. Spotify) would not be sufficient to allow you to make a copy.

Otherwise, if any content is not your own property, or it is not intended for your own personal use then you will need to ensure the recipient already owns a copy. In certain circumstances, One Cut Vinyl can also assist by obtaining the necessary licensing permission on your behalf for commercially available music. Please contact us at info@onecutvinyl.com for further details and we’ll be glad to help.

If the content is fully owned by you, and you require multiple copies for commercial release, then your order can be processed immediately by accepting the interim Declaration for Release when you complete your order. For information, PRS guidelines stipulate you should also make an application for a ‘License of No Claim’.