What is the definition of a ‘separate’ track?

For the purposes of the Price Calculator, a ‘separate’ track is every section of audio (e.g. a song) that requires a slightly wider or ‘marker’ groove on the vinyl disc as it begins a transition to the next section of audio. This is added in order to make it easier for listeners to cue up individual tracks as required. This is usually, but not necessarily, accompanied by a section of audio silence.

If you do not require the wider cue grooves between tracks (e.g. a continuous mix), then you can class any such section as 1 track in the Price Calculator.

By default, we will place a pause in the audio – typically this will be about 3 seconds between each track but the engineer may alter this slightly according to the flow of the musical transition. If you require different specific timings, we will do our best to accommodate this. Please complete a word/text document with any relevant details to include with your music/artwork compressed Zip file.